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November 14, 2009

Well – It Certainly is White, Isn’t It?

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The first year here when I was still excited by the snow

It turned cold and gray today, a light snow falling and much more to come in the forecast.  I’ll spend the next week hoping that the roof doesn’t cave in, no bears decide to crawl into bed with me, I don’t lose my dog in a drift, and putting off going into town until all that’s left in the cupboard is half a box of stale crackers and an inch of peanut butter…and the dog has begun to hide her succulent, moist, fleshy self under the bed when I fire up the oven.

I love the way the fallen snow looks.  I love the hush that accompanies it.  I love sitting in front of my fireplace underneath my afghan reading and dozing with Buki curled-up at my feet.  What I do not love is shovelling the stuff for hours until my fingers are frozen, blue claws, and driving in it.  My best method for driving narrow, treacherous mountain roads in the snow is to shut my eyes and scream loudly until I’ve arrived at my destination, so – if you see me – it would behoove you to pull over to the side of the road and say a prayer until I’ve passed you (I’m the screaming woman in the eggplant-colored PT Cruiser with the clichéd Hawaiian hula dancer on the dashboard, k?).

If no one hears from me ever again, assume that I’ve either been eaten by bears, mountain lions or cannibals (I live near the famous scene of the Packard Party who ate each other to survive their first, brutal winter).  If I have to choose, I’ll go with the cannibals.  At least the pot of boiling water they’ll throw me in will be warm…




October 26, 2009

Come – Dance With Me

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A friend of mine tested positive for the H1N1 virus.  She’s pretty sick, and its worrisome to me as they haven’t had enough of the vaccine available here for me to get one.  She’ll be all right, she’s just feverish, achy, is producing more snot that one would believe possible, and her tummy is a bit unfriendly to all things food at this moment, so at least she’s not in any real danger beyond being given the most noxious of home cures by her loving mother, a herbalist.

I like the word ‘influenza’.  I love the sound of it – innfluENzaaaa – but it doesn’t sound like what it really is.  It sounds like a sexy, exotic dance from the 1920’s – “I spent my nights in Spain drinking champagne, and dancing the influenza with Raoul until dawn”.  What it doesn’t sound like is being delirious with fever, drowning in your own snot, and  puking up the chicken soup meant to soothe your body and your soul.

Delirious is a great word, too.  I get crazy, high fevers when I’m ill, and I’ve noticed that when they get around 104 degrees I don’t feel sick anymore – I feel GOOD, like I’m floating, and I have the best vivid fever dreams.  I’m told that’s delirium, and it’s a Very Bad Thing, but…I dunno…like I said, after a point, you feel pretty darn good.  (Not that I recommend exposing yourself to what could be a fatal illness just to catch a cheap buzz, k?)

Maybe I’ll become delirious and dance the influenza if I can’t secure a vaccine soon enough.   Pass the champagne, Raoul, and tell the band to play it again!

October 4, 2009

Settling in for the Long Winter

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Living here in Colorado on the edge of nowhere, I’ve learned that there are five seasons dividing the year.

A brief spring.

A few weeks of summer.

Two and a half nanoseconds of autumn.

A long, cold winter.



We’re at the start of the long, cold winter.  I won’t be driven mad by the solitude and lack of sunshine until sometime in January, I expect, when I will begin dressing myself as Carmen Miranda and trying to teach the dog to rhumba, but – in the meantime – I thought I’d join the crowd and start a blog.

This is my blog.

So……that’s it, then.

Carry on…

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